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Gift pack
This is the perfect kit to pamper your houseplants. Use it to clean and protect your plants and ensure they breathe and shine, free from pests and diseases. Use the beautiful sprayer to make the most of your care routine.
A perfect gift for plant lovers.

What´s inside
Houseplant Leaf Cleanser | 200 ml of olive oil soap
Houseplant Leaf Protector | 50 ml of enriched neem oil
Houseplant Mister | 200 ml glass sprayer

How to use
Add 10 pumps of Leaf Cleanser and 20 drops of Leaf Protector to the Mister and fill it up with water.
Spray the plant generously. Don’t forget the underside of the leaves, the favourite place for some bugs. Use a soft cloth or kitchen paper to remove the excess product and dust. Repeat once a month to keep the plants healthy.

Houseplant Leaf Cleanser: Extra virgin olive oil, distilled water, potassium hydroxide, preservative
Houseplant Leaf Protector: Neem oil, olive oil, lavender essential oil