Plant Protection – 1000 ml – SOIL TOPPER | NATURAL MULCH



Cork granules
SOIL TOPPER natural mulch is composed of 100% of cork granulate.

What is used for
SOIL TOPPER natural mulch maintains a regular moisture content in the potting soil. It is indicated for plants that are more demanding in humidity, such as calatheas and some ferns.
It can also be used as “bark” for orchids, controlling and preventing root rot by providing extra drainage and aeration to the roots.

A perfect gift for plant lovers.

100% cork granules.

How to use
Cover the entire surface of the potting mix with the cork granules. Water carefully ​to ​​prevent the light product from ​floating out of the pot. Cork is a beautiful material with unique characteristics. As in nature, it provides an ideal balance between moisture retention and aeration of the potting mix.

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