Plant Nourishment – 2000 ml – SOIL FRESHENER | POTTING SOIL



Enriched potting mix
SOIL FRESHENER potting soil is a mixture of coconut fiber, organic fertilizer, and vermiculite.

What is used for
SOIL FRESHENER potting soil is perfect as an additional fresh potting soil needed when transplanting house plants into larger pots. It is also good to renovate the top layer of aged potting soils in large plant pots, which are difficult to transplant.

A perfect gift for plant lovers.

Organic fibres, organic compost, and vermiculite.

How to use
When repotting a plant, cover the bottom of the new pot with a layer of this soil freshener before placing the plant into it. Carefully fill all the empty spaces around the plant. For larger plants remove the top layer of the aged potting mix and replace it with a fresh layer of this enriched potting mix.

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