Plant Nourishment – 1000 ml – SOIL BOOSTER | ORGANIC FERTILISER



Insect humus
SOIL BOOSTER organic fertilizer is a 100% natural organic fertilizer. It is a by-product resulting from the bioconversion of agro-industrial residues by the controlled action of the insect Hermetia illuscens, in an economic circularity process. It is a product rich in organic matter and nutritionally balanced, containing plants’ main macro and micronutrients.

What is used for
SOIL BOOSTER organic fertilizer feeds the potting soil replenishing it with the nutrients most important for the plants. Its high organic matter content improves the structure of the potting soil, maintaining good water retention capacity and adequate aeration. It also has a positive effect on the natural defense of plants.

A perfect gift for plant lovers.

100% insect humus.

How to use
Every two months, spread a portion on the pot surface around the plant and lightly mix it into the potting mix. Water carefully ​to ​​prevent the product from ​floating out of the pot. The odour that might develop in the closed package dissipates quickly when applied as suggested.

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